Why did my payment fail?: Recharging with Zoto should be a seamless and successful process. However, when a transaction fails, there are various reasons why that can happen on Zoto, they are:Network error: most probably occurs as result of fluctuation in your mobile connection. Speed Limit errors: this happens when you retried (a transaction) too soon, usually the app requires you to wait 2 minutes before trying again. Card errors: Non-3DS error: This means the card used has not been enrolled for a 3DS transaction. Transaction not permitted errors: This error occurs when the card you are using has not been permitted by your bank for online transactions. This would restrict you from using the card for other online transactions. CVV doesn’t match: CVV is the 3-digit at the back of your ATM card. Your payment can fail when you do not put in the correct CVV. Invalid PIN: This usually occur when you enter an invalid PIN.To continue your transaction, enter your registered ZOTO PIN. If you don’t remember your registered ZOTO PIN, you can initiate the “forgot PIN” and follow the process Invalid card number: This happens when the card details you input does not correspond with the registered card details or are not correct. To continue your transaction, enter your registered card number. These are the numbers at the front of your ATM card. Or you can take the tour on the Zoto app to get familiar with your card number and other details. Do Not Honor: usually happens when the 16 digit card number you put in or the CVV code entered doesn’t match what the bank has in its database If you still need any support from us, kindly reach us through our toll free line-08000MYZOTO (08000699686)